Our Services

From The USA To Australia

Once a vehicle has been purchased, all you need to do is sit back and relax and let us get to work…  We organize and handle all transport from the purchase location to your driveway in Australia. All vehicles are brought to our facility in Northern California for preparation for it’s transport to Australia. We will hand wash and clean the vehicle inside and out to prepare for the strict import process at all Australian Ports.


Inspection Of Vehicles

Our services are to be your eyes and ears here on the ground in the USA. Before we even inspect a vehicle, we make sure it is worth considering buying.  We will correspond with the seller and get as much information on the vehicle as possible, including enough pictures to decide if the car is worth having a look.  We take into consideration the current market, asking price and how flexible the seller may be in their asking price. Our desire is to keep the cost purchasing the vehicle down just like as if we were buying the vehicle ourselves. With the years of experience of buying our own vehicles and shipping and importing, we have a trained eye of what to buy and what to also walk away from.


Searching For Vehicles

This is where Southern Cross US Importers leaves it competitors in the dust… Once you become a client of, Southern Cross US Importers we will begin the search of the vehicle(s) you are looking for. You may also conduct your own search online and send us the details and we will follow up on it for you. Either way, we have you covered by taking in consideration of all of your preferences and also your price range by looking for the vehicles that best match this criteria.


Becoming A Client Of Southern Cross US Importers

To become established as a client of Southern Cross US Importers, we take a fully refundable deposit of $1,500.  In the event you no longer wish to import a vehicle, that deposit is refunded back to you.

Once a vehicle is purchased on your behalf that deposit then becomes our fee.  (Our deposit is received in our Australian account in Australia and in the event of a refund, it’s returned to you using the Bill Pay service from our Australian Bank. Once a vehicle is purchased, you will pay the fee along with the purchase of your vehicle and any other expenses to our account in Australia or you may also wire to money directly to the USA into our USA account.


Our Fees

We charge a flat rate fee per vehicle purchased. Contact Us for a custom quote.

Our Fee Includes

  • Searching for vehicles
  • Coordination with seller (for further details and inspection)
  • Pictures and Video of the vehicle. We can also do live video calls using Google Hangouts or Skype.
  • Price negotiation
  • Secure payment and transfer of Vehicle Title
  • Organization of transport
  • Import Approval Application
  • Coordination of shipping
  • All vehicles shipped from Southern Cross US Importers ship with a car cover to help better protect the vehicle and also show better to Australian Customs and Quarantine.
  • All Southern Cross US Importers customers receive replacement parts free of fees for any vehicle shipped using our services. All you pay is the cost of the part and shipping.
  • Money wire Fees (Australian or US Fees)


  • NSW customers only: We are able to assist with compliance, roadworthy & registration of your vehicle on arrival at our workshop.
  • Australian Transport – We only use specialized Australian vehicle transporters and are able to deliver your vehicle almost anywhere in Australia. If you would like a quote just provide us with the delivery Location and Post Code.
  • US Transport – We only use the most reputable domestic US vehicle transporters available and are able to collect the vehicle almost anywhere in the USA. If you would like a quote just provide us with the collection Location and Zip Code.
  • Transport to Southern Cross US Importers $350 (if you are unable to collect your vehicle from Customs in Sydney or Melbourne and would like to collect it from Southern Cross US Importers in Grenfell, NSW, we can collect your vehicle from customs and transport it to our premises.
  • Not every shipment or vehicle is the same… Need a special request?? Just ask. We are very easy going people and are ready to help if we can.
  • Shipping Insurance (2% of the cost of the vehicle)

What’s Not Included?

  • Customs & Quarantine Attendance: (Quarantine is not always required)
  • Steam Cleaning (If Required)
  • Fumigation (If Required)
  • GST: 10% (Calculated on the total cost of acquiring the vehicle at the time it arrives in Australia converted to AU$ (plus govt. fees & charges)
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Travel costs to inspect vehicles outside of a 100 mile radius from Sacramento, California